8 Types of Underwear You Should Have In You Drawer

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We all come in different shapes and colors, this is why Dubai is so amazing. The same thing goes for women's underwear: french cut, high rise, low cut - there are so many different types of underwear today to fit and complement our uniqueness. 

When it comes to your drawer, you probably play favorites. After all, why change the underwear styles if you found "the one"? However, today our lifestyle is so dynamic that it becomes a necessity to have a fresh look at our underwear. Let's face it, you probably won't wanna wear your best lace to Saturday's hot yoga session, right? So, a good rule of thumb is to opt for a variety of underwear styles to feel comfortable and amazing anywhere we go. 

If you are not an underwear expert (yet), we got you here. Here are the top 8 underwear types that (we think) every woman should own to feel fabulous. 

Let's get started!


Types of Underwear Everyday Brief

1. Everyday Briefs 

No doubt, briefs are the most classic and comfortable women's underwear ever created. You can choose high rise or low rise, depending on the amount of coverage you seek, but generally speaking, these are the panties you want to wear on a daily. Wanna feel extra cozy? Go for seamless options made from cotton or soft microfiber. 

Wear them to: anywhere: gym, office, brunches, bed

Wear them with: any outfit, note though that some of them can give you visible panty lines 

Coverage: very good, along with sufficient support 


Types of underwear - thongs

2. Thongs 

Yes, thongs are making a glorious comeback! If you hate panty lines and are ok with low coverage - go for it. Despite some opinions we heard in the past thongs are proven to be completely safe, as long as they are not too tight, fit you properly, and are made from a breathable material. There are also plenty of seamless options out there. 

Wear them to: the office, and dates to play sexy ;) 

Wear them with: tighter cloth, fitted dresses, leggings

Coverage: very low 


Types of underwear - g-strings

3. G-String 

G-strings are similar to thongs, but will give you even less coverage (just face it, you will feel a bit naked in them) with only a string at the back. Very often they come high-waisted also. You would want to choose these panties when the choice is either going full commando or having at least something between you and your outfit. Thanks to g-string you can say bye to the visible panty lines problem.

Wear them to: dates

Wear them with: leggings, tight dresses (especially from soft fabrics) 

Coverage: zero, your bottoms will be right out there in your g-string


Types of underwear - hipster

4. Hipster 

We will give you a hint there: they are called "hipsters" because they sit right on your hips. Easy to remember. Low-rise, they usually reach a bit below the waist and have the lower cut leg holes. If you are a fan of low-rise jeans - you should try hipster underwear. As with the briefs though, the panty lines might be visible unless you go for seamless or laser cut options. 

Wear them to: anywhere: gym, office, brunches, bed

Wear them with: low-rise pants or jeans 

Coverage: medium, hipsters will cover your butt, but the waistline is pretty low


Types of underwear - bikini

5. Bikini 

If you love the fit of your favorite bikini swimwear, you should try bikini underwear as well. They look very much like the classic briefs, but typically have a lower rise and higher leg cut. This makes them a bit cheeky, but still with good back coverage. Bikini underwear is a great style for everyday use. 

Wear them to: anywhere, definitely, get a pair of bikinis for your everyday use. And hey, if you ever forget your swimming suit you can just jump in the water wearing your bikini underwear (of a decent color of course)

Wear them with: skirts, dresses, jeans, sportswear 

Coverage: soft coverage, a bit less than in brief, but much more than in thong 


Types of underwear - boyshort

6. Boyshort 

If you are looking for sporty yet sexy styles, check out these types of panties. Do you know some people say there is something sexy in women wearing men's underwear? Well, boyshorts were made for those who think this way. On top of that, they are very comfortable, offering you coverage and support around the hip and butt areas. For an extra frisky look find one in lace. For everyday use choose cotton or other breathable material. 

Wear them to: anywhere, depending on the material, boyshorts is a good option for the gym or a date night 

Wear them with: skirts, dresses, jeans, sportswear 

Coverage: on the max, one of the best coverage among underwear styles 


Types of underwear - high-waist French cut

7. High-Waist (French-Cut)

These romantically-called types of underwear simply mean briefs with high-rise waistlines and high-cut leg holes. This style always looks very complimentary to the women's body: high-cut leg holes will make your legs look super long, and a high waist will emphasize the curves. That's the exact style we love at Minimalist (check here). 

Wear them to: French-cut is a very universal panty that will make you feel comfortable on all occasions 

Wear them with: high-rise pants and jeans, also they will fit with any type of skirt 

Coverage: medium coverage, but still will give you support and confidence 


Types of underwear - control top brief

8. Control Top Briefs 

These panties are on the edge of the shapewear category, but not that firm and thus still comfortable. Control top briefs are types of panties that usually cover your belly button or go even higher reaching the bra. These panties are perfect if you require some extra support in the abdomen area. You need to be careful though, sometimes this type of underwear is made from tighter fabric, so it is essential to try them on and make sure they are a perfect fit for you.

Wear them to: the office, on occasions when you need this extra boost of support

Wear them with: gowns, form-fitting skirts, and dresses, high-rise pants, or jeans 

Coverage: as the name suggests, you will enjoy full control and the full amount of coverage - front and back 



The list of underwear types won't be full without mentioning the shapewear. Shapewear is a type of underwear that is made from special material which is firm enough to smooth out your body shape. It needs to fit like a glove to be able to provide you with the support needed without making you feel caged. 

However, even with the perfectly fitted shapewear, your body needs to take breaks from it, so it is advisable to use this type of underwear on occasion rather than everyday use. If you like the level of support that shapewear gives, try to opt-in for control top panties to wear on a daily.

Last thoughts

We tried to cover the basics here, however, there is one important rule you have to keep in mind: your confidence starts right from your underwear. That's why it is so important to choose the types of panties that are a perfect fit for your shape and lifestyle. Whether it is a high rise, full coverage brief, or invisible lace thong - what is crucial is to feel amazing and free in your underwear. 



About Minimalist Underwear 

Minimalist Underwear is a Dubai-based underwear company that brings a new take to classic bras and panties. The philosophy of the brand is to celebrate women's bodies by complementing their beauty with simple designs and comfortable fabrics. 

The underwear is produced from soft elastic microfiber by using seamless technology. Thanks to this, it is very flexible but at the same time firm enough to provide support without compromising on comfort.

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