Minimalist in Press

"Lingerie Made Just for You"

We all know that style is important when it comes to lingerie and underwear but we also believe that it is absolutely necessary to be confident and empowered while wearing undergarments’ that are all about comfort and feeling good. We are talking Minimalist bras-and-panties! Olga Vazhnichaia, the Founder of Minimalist underwear tells us more. Here’s to celebrating our bodies. Read more

 "Fashion Spotlight: Minimalist Underwear Made for Comfort and Harmony"


Let’s talk skivvies; how comfortable are actually comfortable? Do you sacrifice your personal comfort for that ‘cute’ look, or does comfortable and cute underwear impossible? By this, we mean comfortable underwear that also makes you feel like a million dollars. A few years back, from personal experience, comfortable and cute underwear was hard to come by. However, a little birdie just informed us that these hard-to-come-by skivvies are now readily available. That means there’s no need for you to sacrifice your comfort anymore! Read more