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How To Wear Thongs All Day And Feel Awesome

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Seamless thongs in black


While launching Minimalist Underwear, we asked you about your favourite type of underwear, and guess what the most popular answer was? We couldn't believe it either, but here is the truth: thongs aren't just a thing of the 00s; today, they are an essential part of every woman's wardrobe. You may never find yourself reading an article about a tiny piece of fabric, but trust us, it's pretty interesting. 


A brief throwback 

The first official thong appearance as a fashion piece was in the mid-70s. In 1974, fashion designer Rudi Gernreich designed the first thong bikini one-piece in black.

Thongs history

Soon after, the style was adopted as underwear and made a significant breakthrough. By the 2000s, thongs reached a popularity peak: to be worn (= shown) with low-rise jeans and shiny tank tops.   


Embracing the appeal of thongs

Thongs and g-strings have transitioned from provocative fashion statements to everyday comfortable underwear. They are small, light, and invisible - characteristics we all seek in a perfect pair of undergarments. Seamless for a day in the office or cheeky lace for fancy dinner nights, thongs tick all the boxes for women of all ages. 


Crucial: choosing the perfect fit

Choosing the fitting panties is essential, but finding the proper comfort is vital when it comes to thongs. We always recommend trying a style before committing to it. Understandably, not many underwear shops provide this option, but we have it here at Minimalist Underwear (make sure to read the return conditions). Points to check: size not loose, not tight; no irritating seams; ensure they have 100% cotton gusset (heads up, our thongs are all these things). 


Wearing thongs all day long

Contrary to common misconceptions, thongs and g strings can be worn comfortably throughout the day. Trust us, there is no medical evidence that thongs are worse than any other type of underwear if worn right. For extra comfort, especially in the hot weather of the UAE, pay close attention to the fabric - it needs to be breathable and moisture-adherent. Seamless design is also a good choice as it enhances flexibility and creates a second-skin sensation. 


Thongs, how to wear?

The versatility of thong underwear shines through its ability to integrate seamlessly with all the outfits. Ideally suited for tight-fitting clothes - leggings, skirts, dresses - they don't leave any visible lines. Also, follow the simple colour rule: black for dark cloth, beige for anything light (including white).


Caring for longevity

The rule of thumb is that all the underwear needs to go after six months. However, to make it look and feel better for longer, strictly follow the care instructions provided with each garment. Whether handwashing with a mild detergent or utilising a lingerie bag in the washing machine, these practices help preserve their elasticity and softness over time.


Thongs FAQs

  • Can I wear thongs every day? Absolutely! Once you find a perfect pair that fits you just fine, thongs are perfect for everyday wear. 
  • Can thongs cause infections? No medical evidence exists. However, ensure proper hygiene: change your underwear regularly and wash it with care using soft detergent. Applicable to all types of underwear. 
  • Can thongs be worn while exercising? Yes, thongs are perfect to wear under tight leggings or bike shorts. Look for ones made from moisture-wicking material for comfy workouts. 


About Minimalist Underwear 

Minimalist Underwear is a Dubai-based underwear company that brings a new take to classic bras and panties. The philosophy of the brand is to celebrate women's bodies by complementing their beauty with simple designs and comfortable fabrics. 

The underwear is produced from soft elastic microfiber by using seamless technology. Thanks to this, it is very flexible but at the same time firm enough to provide support without compromising on comfort.

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